ZOOM Whitening: Pearly Whites In Under An Hour

Zoom Teeth Whitening Plano TX If you want sparkling white teeth in a jiffy, ZOOM!® Advanced Power™ teeth whitening could be just right for you. This preferred whitening method allows you to whiten your teeth up to eight shades. In one hour’s time, the treatment is done and you are ready to dazzle the world with a several shades brighter new smile.

The advantages of ZOOM! whitening include:

  • No messy trays to wear
  • Can be done on your lunch hour
  • Dramatic results that last

Best Teeth Whitening Choice

When it comes to lightening teeth, there are many choices. Dr. Sowell has selected Zoom Whitening for his Plano, TX dentist office because it offers patients the best results with the least amount of time. The best option for teeth whitening generally involves a higher investment, but generates more comfortable, consistent and long lasting results. Cheap teeth whitening solutions require more work and generate much poorer results.

Dr. Sowell has found that ZOOM! plus in-office treatment combined with custom trays and desensitizing solutions is our premier lightening program, offering the quickest, most profound and longest-lasting results. Once the initial results from ZOOM! plus are achieved in-office, the custom trays allow the patient to continue to lighten or renew with touch-ups at home, keeping the results from fading years down the road.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

We also offer home bleaching with custom trays containing varying concentrations of whitening solutions as well as the most economical prefabricated liners and solutions. As with all our services, the best solution is recommended for each patient’s goals and needs.

Dr. Mark Sowell is a cosmetic teeth-whitening dentist who is also experienced in the latest laser teeth-whitening techniques and understands teeth-whitening laser technology. Dr. Sowell practices general, family, sedation and cosmetic dentistry – conveniently located in Plano, Texas to service the greater Southlake County communities.

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